Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Penang Half Day Crash Touring!

Arrived Penang like 12pm. Took some nice pictures from the open deck. It is interesting to view Penang from a different point, far away from the sea.

Starcruise (65)
Can spot the Penang bridge and the old faithful Penang Ferry from afar as well!
Starcruise (73)
Viewing the Komtar from the boat is just as interesting!
Starcruise (66)
While all the foreigners that joined the tour got whisked into the bus, me and four other friends decided to find our own way in Penang.

Had these cutie cuties small boat that ferried us from the ship to the pier. SSV can't dock near the port probably because water there is too shallow

Starcruise (71)
Starcruise (72)
In my opinion, the SSV look such majestic from afar. What say you?

Starcruise (82)
Quickly went to Pelangi mall (next to Komtar) and load ourselves with some reading materials (so we don't go crazy being lock on board pro-longed), some when to do banking to get more money for shopping later.

Then we went around Pulau Tikus to eat Char Koay Teow, and of course, my favorite Apam Balik, or Mang Chang Kueh. Yum....

Starcruise (78)
Starcruise (80)

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