Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunrise on open deck @ Superstar Virgo

We stayed on board for 4 days, but only the 2nd day, me alone from the whole group manage to catch a glimpse on the beautiful sun rise. Dusk annouced its arrival with a glim lighting from the far east side of the horizon.

Starcruise (46)
There were already people getting ready for the sun rise, grabbing their seats.

Starcruise (37)
It is the first time for me to witness a complete, beautiful sunrise with slight hindrance from the clouds dotting the skyline, erm minus the need to climb hills and cliffs to get to the higher point of course. The clouds actually add on the beauty of this whole sunrise thingy.

Starcruise (48)
Starcruise (50)
Starcruise (52)
Even the sky turned slight pinky reflecting the sunray.

Starcruise (39)
There are people that hang around at the Indoor Viewing Area with light breakfast available.

Starcruise (54)
For the next few days, no one really get to see this sunrise as it was very rainy throughout the nights and early morning as well.

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