Sunday, November 05, 2006

What does RM1900 buy you on a cruise like SSV - Part 2 : Passing times with amenities around

Unless you have a wish to rot in the small little cabin where your bed sits, its best to go outside and see what it is like living on a boat, erm... luxuriously of course.

You can swim in the tiny weenie pool on the open deck at deck 13, with four jacuzzis. Other wise people like us at the balcony class get to use the jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna at the gym.
Starcruise (30)
Starcruise 037

Some decided to spend day and nights at the game room, while real man spent their time at Casino (erm, no pics here)
Starcruise (31)
Giant Chess anyone???
Starcruise 029

There are more pics actually, but my colleagues have not uploaded their to the server yet. Will update them once I have them on hand.

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