Sunday, November 05, 2006

What does RM1900 buy you on a cruise like SSV - Part 1: Exploring the SSV

Seriously, a 4 days 3 nights cruise that cost RM1700 + RM200 for taxes and bring me only as far as Phuket, this is a first for me. Even I got curious how luxurious it can can for sailing on a boat.

Duh... everyone is half dead as we depart from the hotel 6am in the morning so we could get on the boat before it sail off at 2pm

Starcruise (3)
Starcruise (6)
At the main lobby, not bad at all with all nice gold trimmings
Starcruise (11)
Finally, a bed! With balcony view as well. No wonder the RM1700++ fee!!
Starcruise 116

Starcruise 113
Starcruise (9)
Starcruise 013

Starcruise 014

And my colleague Chor Wan quickly take some pictures before I mess up with the toilet.
Starcruise (8)
Starcruise 007

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