Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Phuket Half Day Tour

Arrived at Phuket like 10am, so early that I wasn't even able to capture the island from a far like how I did yesterday with Penang.

Starcruise (104)
Starcruise (100)
Taxis (touts! in my opinion) as well as tour buses already waiting for us beneath, with stalls preparing to open soon selling souvinirs.
Starcruise (102)
Some people like my colleague, took the bus tour to Patong Beach. Ended up messaging at the seaside, and shop where all the tourist shops.
Starcruise (113)
Starcruise (117)
The bunch of people that went Penang yesterday with me, we went to Phuket town again. Paid like RM120 for a mere 15min return trip. Should have walk further ahead pass the guard house, there were like a huge bunch of tuk-tuks, van, and taxis waiting outside there. That would've have been much cheaper.

But that is okay, we quickly got chaffeured to town and since most thing not opened, we took a 2 hour massage with at this nice place, Leela Massage. Very near to Phuket Shopping Center. After that we charged to Phuket Shopping Center and load ourselved with the Wacoal bra. Kakakaka...
Starcruise (116)
And ended our nice adventure with a Thai lunch nearby the shopping place. Ahhh~~~
Starcruise (119)
Starcruise (120)
Upon returning to the port, all the stalls were busy with people, and I quickly bought myself 2 coconut to quench the thirst from today's hot weather.
Starcruise (124)
More pictures later of course with the beautiful Superstar Virgo. Wish I have a wide angle lense camera then I can fit the whole ship lenght into the picture.
Starcruise (128)

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