Friday, October 13, 2006


As you hold a cup on your hand, it is filled with water. Then your emptied the cup. How will you describe it now? Issit an empty cup, or is it a full one?

You walked into a room, it is filled with furnitures and all cluttered. The someone came along, moving all the things within the room away. When you walked into the room again, how do you describe it? Will you think it is an empty room, or would it be a filled one?

Empty it is, isn't it? Because when you pour the water, when things are moved away, there is nothing within anymore, there you tend to think it is empty.

But then again, what is emptiness? Cup without water, but filled with air, is that empty then? When furnitures are taken away, room filled with air, would that still be considered as empty then?

Thus emptiness occus when that "something" is no longer there.

You feel emptiness, that is because you only see existing objects, yet overlooking the space enclosing it.

You can't stop chasing, can't stop wanting, can't stop having more, pocessing. You want to have them to filled this emptiness in your heart, yet you did not realise then more you have, the less space you have; The more you own, the more crowded the space is.

It is already getting tight and cozy within our world. The flower of love dried out even more than ever, that is due to the lack of freedom being given to them.

He needs more of his own space, just like how you will need the same. Therefore let us empty out those things occupying our space.

Take jealousy away! Take suspecious away! Take pocessiveness away! Everything and everything that occupies the space that is meant for love, let the cup of love be empty -- As when it is empty, then one can have more in return.

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