Sunday, October 08, 2006

Vietnamese Food at its best

Perhaps the most famous food around Vietnam, especially Hanoi is the Vietnamese beef noodle (also known as Pho Bo - pronounced as Fur Ball literally).

After tasting this the first time in Melbourne, I don't think Pho Bo in Hanoi taste as nice as those from Melbourne.

With simple observation, it is not impossible to understand why the food here at most doesn't really taste as nice as we might think. Mostly because it go right down to the origin of the ingredients.

Fruit stalls selling home grown fruits are abundant everywhere.
As their agriculture technology and research is still growing from bottom, cows were mostly fed with grass instead of corn, rice and vegetables still grown in organic ways. It is no wonder ingredients quality is fresh but not as tasty as compare to those from more advance country. Even fruits here are not as sweet as we might assume.
But still we managed to eat stuffs that cannot find in Malaysia nor else where. :-)

Do try the local Vietnamese coffee, half squatting with the locals on stools at the road side
Many have been saying how sweet the freshly sqeezed sugar cane juice in Vietnam taste. It taste interesting with that bit of lime they put in.

Lunch provided to us on route to Halong Bay
Fancy for some French dining?
Anyone going to Hanoi must brave themselve to try this delightful home brew beer. Everyone calls it a Bia Hoi. Very mild tasting, light on taste. Cost about USD0.25 per glass or so. Must remember to order the side snack, surprisingly most of them taste very western. I won't tell you exactly what they taste like. :-)

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