Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Movie Thumbs Up - The Prestige

Have you ever came across a situation, the whole thing feel so pleasant, that you wish it would never end? Just like a book with a story that got you so engrossed, a high sophisticated taste you come savouring in your mind from time to time.

That is how I felt about The Prestige now. With wonderful actings from Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and of course my favorite actor Michael Caine, Christopher Nolan made a mesmerizing story on how two close magicians became rivalry of each other.

It has been a while since I seen movie with interesting plot like The Prestige. Even the dialogue in between contained so many clues and hints to the whole story. So much so long after the movie ended, I can't help but try to linger on why Christian Bale's wife would have a secret she wants to let Scarlett Johansson know, and why Hugh Jackman had a gun with his transporter, and this and that. At the end I just though I would want to watch it again!

Do watch it, as it brings a lot of thinking, pondering to it's audience, instead of the no brainer 'Open Reason' that is showing now as well.

By the way, David Bowie is in the movie as well. "Are you watching closely?", if yes, I am sure you will be able to spot him here and there. :-)

Links to the movie

  • The Prestige, official site: http://theprestige.movies.go.com/

  • Yahoo movies : http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809267303/info

  • Cinema Online Malaysia: http://www.cinemaonline.com.my/movie/movie.asp?search=prestige

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