Saturday, October 14, 2006

This song lingers in my mind

Everyone is playing this song, erm old song in the office, until I am too being taken away by the melody is this song. Apparently Stairway to Heaven, a korean drama feature this song as their theme song.

What a sad sad song...

Bo Go Ship Da
Kim Bum Soo
credits to: gyoolyrics

ah moo li gi da lyuh doh nan mot ga
babo chuh lum ool go eet neun nuh ae gyuh tae
sang chuh man joo neun na leul wae mo leu go
gi da li ni dduh na ga lan mal ya

*bo go ship da bo go ship da
ee lun nae ga mi woh jil man keum
ool go ship da nae gae moo loop kkool ko
moh doo ubt dun eel ee dwel soo eet da myun
mi chil deut sarang haet dun gi euk ee
choo euk deul ee nuh leul chat go eet ji man
duh ee sang sarang ee lan byun myung ae
nuh leul ga dool soo ubt ssuh
ee luh myun ahn dwae ji man
jook eul man keum bo go ship da x2

I Miss You
credits to: gyoolyrics

No matter how I wait I cant go
next to you, crying
You only gave me pain and you didnt know me
Are you telling me to leave?

I miss you, I miss you
To the point where I hate myselfI want to cry..
I want to kneel down
And if only everything didnt happen..
The memories where I loved you crazily..
Those memories haunt me
But i cant hide from this love any longer
I shouldnt do thisBut i miss you to death x2

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