Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fine French Dining at The Green Tangerine

The French might have left ages ago, but the legacy they left behind can be felt in many ways.

From simple roadside cafe culture (with a Vietnamese twist by sitting on stools), to baguattes being sold next to the highway offering Ham (which local people call pate) for inserts, it is not surprising to find good French diner around here.
We got back to Hanoi around 9pm. Blur blur from the long traveling dad urshered us to the Green Tangerine for a nice dinner.
Nice dinner is really relative, because if you don't enjoy your food even though it is of expensive ingredients, it doesn't really matter anymore.
My mom and I agreed on that fact, the moment when we were served with our freeze soup. Freeze soup, the only soup of the day, comprising of fresh fruit cocktail at the bottom, layered with crush ice and ham on top. No other soup available as the waitress claim summer is too hot for things like potage and French onion soup. Duh!
Appetizers are really not my type as well, as very aged cheese were generously used in the cooking.
Main course ah, hahahaha... strange cooking as well. Pasta mixed with raw cubed tuna, lobster cut that is only to 5 pieces, quails leg that is almost meatless.
In my opinion, I think I will be more happy if I am being served with big fat piece of steak instead. But for the experience wise, it might be a good place to get infuse with the french dining since in KL it would be far too expensive.
So, for our dinner tonight, we spent USD$106 as a whole. Was craving for a good bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle later but it was too late then. :P

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