Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Mooncake Festival

Mooncake Festival is coming up this Thursday. But since my colleagues suggested that we should have a BBQ celebration over my place, so I decidedly that it shall be in the name of mooncake celebration then.

Most of them came early around 6pm to help set up the place. Some moved the tables and chairs outside, while some helped decorating with some old lantern we kept over the years.
Some set up the fire at one corner. Hehe....
This girl helped by looking after one person's baby girl. :P
There were loads of food around, but at the time these pics were taken, the lamb chops and chicken wings were grilling away in the microwave oven.
My mom suggested we let the lamb and chicken to be grilled for a bit in the microwave oven so that they get cooked inside. Therefore when we start BBQ away, the meat will get cooked quickly and thoroughly.

Over all it was a great BBQ. All the chicken wings and lamb chop finished the fastest. Perhaps we should do it again sometime. My dad was trying to get my colleagues intoxicated by his collection of wines the whole night. Haha...

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